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Jason's bio photo.

Jason Xie


Jason Xie is a proactive, methodical, driven analytics consultant at Spinnaker Consulting Group who is passionate about solving ambiguous, complex business problems with data-driven solutions.

Prior to joining Spinnaker, Jason worked for the nation’s top media company where he contributed to a diverse range of data science initiatives. From providing political campaigns with data-driven advertising strategies to developing Machine-Learning based products that serve enterprise-wide end-users, Jason leveraged his technical background to generate value for the business.

Jason excels in providing sophisticated data solutions in complex data environments. He has expertise in data architecture, predictive analytics and data product development making him a versatile analyst able to quickly meet clients’ various data needs and provide insightful advice. Jason is a fast learner eager to add to his considerable technical skillset, which includes SQL, Python, and Tableau.

Jason is a native of China and now resides in Washington, DC. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degrees in Statistics and Economics and Master’s Degree in Business Analytics from Wake Forest University. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and reading.