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Jeff Edge

Jeff Edge


As a Spinnaker Consulting Group Advisor, Jeff Edge brings over two decades of expertise in consumer compliance risk as an industry professional and a bank regulator. As a former regulator, Jeff possesses a unique perspective that has been pivotal in his leadership roles within the banking and financial sectors. He is known for his strong people skills, allowing him to build and lead high-performing teams while fostering collaboration across multiple business lines. Jeff’s technical knowledge is matched by his ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders ranging from regulatory agencies to business partners.

Jeff began his career at Wells Fargo, where he spent 13 years focused on consumer lending compliance as an analyst and successfully managing compliance teams until joining the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. At the Federal Reserve, he led regulatory compliance examinations, assessing and rating compliance management programs for banks of all sizes. He also served as the Consumer Compliance Case Manager for one of the Federal Reserve’s largest state member banks. He was responsible for creating the annual supervisory plan, managing ongoing supervision, determining annual ratings, and partnering with other regulatory agencies. Most recently, Jeff was a compliance executive at USAA leading successful teams and enhancing the bank’s consumer compliance program.

As a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) and federally commissioned bank examiner, Jeff has deep experience and knowledge of consumer protection laws. He has successfully developed and enhanced core compliance infrastructures, developed new bank products while ensuring compliance, and successfully transitioned compliance programs resulting from regulatory change, such as the Dodd-Frank Act. While at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, he received the 2017 Key Contributor Award for Supervision and Regulation for his outstanding leadership, regulatory expertise, and dedication to ensuring the stability of state member bank compliance programs and consumer protection.

Jeff earned his BA in Marketing from the State University of West Georgia. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, he now lives with his wife and daughter in San Antonio, Texas.