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Kendal's bio photo.

Kendal Sence


A Consultant with Spinnaker Consulting Group, Kendal Sence is a dynamic and innovative compliance and risk professional with 20+ years of experience at Capital One in the financial services industry as well as with Experian. Kendal is passionate about developing, implementing, and assessing risk management programs. She has a strong background in remediation plan design, issue remediation, and control testing and validation. She has been with Spinnaker for over 3 years and has served as a lead on engagements in first and second lines of defense and manages a team of consultants.  Her solid leadership skills drive business goals through collaboration. 

Kendal has a track record of implementing all components of scalable and sustainable compliance management programs. In Auto Finance, Card, and Partnerships at Capital One, she ensured that the first line of defense could evidence regulatory compliance. Kendal built out regulatory exam and audit remediation action plans, milestones, and controls. She developed compliance control plans to monitor and verify regulatory adherence and communicated changes to laws and regulations to assigned business areas and developed action plans to modify practices as necessary.  She conducted monitoring and risk assessments to ensure regulatory compliance and operational efficiency/accuracy.  She has deep knowledge in credit bureau reporting and FCRA, project management, process development/improvement, and program governance. She also has proven expertise in devising creative solutions which mitigate risk and maintain compliance in the ever-shifting regulatory landscape.

Kendal has a BS in Economics from Texas A&M University and holds professional certifications in Lean Six Sigma and FCRA certifications. She grew up in the Dallas Metroplex but has moved to the east coast 4 different times.  She currently calls North Carolina home, but will always love Texas. When she’s not working, Kendal likes to travel as well as attending sporting events in person.  Kendal has three dogs which are all rescues.  She also volunteers with animal rescues in her spare time.