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Laurent Robert


A Consultant with Spinnaker Consulting Group, Laurent Robert is an experienced business and risk leader with more than 25 years of expertise in risk management, business analytics, and operational excellence for Fortune 500 financial institutions in the banking, brokerage, and insurance industries. Laurent has a passion for building and fostering relationships across functions and with key stakeholders to inspire collaboration, build credibility, and deliver excellence in all initiatives.

Laurent’s experience includes leadership roles in developing the risk management framework and best practices for a Fortune 500 retail bank, managing regulatory and audit relations for the technology and digital departments of a Fortune 500 financial institution, and enabling the strategic and tactical transformation of a Fortune 500 brokerage firm’s discount and online business. Laurent brings a keen focus on developing sustainable, action-oriented and decisive practices and processes that drive greater customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and sustainable competitiveness in a well-controlled environment.

Laurent’s track record demonstrates his affinity for solving problems through common sense grounded on data analytics, a passion for innovative solutions, a drive to optimize operations, and a genuine interest in maximizing customer value while pursuing increased profitability.

A native of France, Laurent received his MBA from the University of Richmond after studying law in his native country. He lives in the Richmond area with his three children.