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Meschelle Williams

Front Office Receptionist

Meschelle is the Front Office Receptionist for Spinnaker Consulting Group. Throughout her career, she has based her professional demeanor and success on Galatians 5:22-23 “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance.” She believes the first impression is a lasting impression for being successful in any business.  

In the hype of her past tenure, she’s been fortunate to work with Fortune 500 companies during their peak seasons, Freddie Mac Home Mortgage, Gannett Government Media, formerly the Army Times Publishing Company, American Meat Institute, the oldest and largest trade association for meatpackers and processors and Bank of Virginia, gaining knowledge and understanding of money management, administrative skills, marketing, leadership and requirements for the meat food industry which landed her a 13-year success business in running her own learning center teaching over 65 children who attended Precious Bookworm Steam Learning Center, LLC. Before coming to Spinnaker. February 2019, Meschelle published her first children’s book entitled “Early Reader: Reading and Moving to Action Verbs.”

Meschelle is a proud parent of three daughters. She enjoys spending time with her family (to include 13 grandchildren/16 Foster Sons) and friends. She is a founding member of the National Coalition 100 Black Women, Prince William Chapter, Inc., a non-profit organization whose “focus is to impact local communities in the area of leadership development, education, health, and economic and political empowerment.” As an Executive Team Member of the Grants Committee, she has helped secure more than $1M to educate the community on health issues in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer Awareness, Prostate Cancer Awareness Project, Diabetes Awareness, and Mental Health Awareness, and COVID-19.

Meschelle loves spending time on a 5 a.m. prayer line dedicating time to learning the holy word, teaching Sunday school, and being part of her church music ministry; she also loves cooking, crocheting, painting, and wood art.