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Shekhar's bio photo

Shekhar Nagendra


Shekhar’s technical skill set includes SQL, Python, R, Business Intelligence tools, and Data Strategy/Analytical maturity assessment expertise. In addition to these technical skills, Shekhar has extensive experience as a people/resource manager building high performing teams. He has managed large software development teams and projects with resources distributed across India, USA and Canada.

Shekhar graduated from the Indian Institute of technology, Bombay, India, where he earned his Master of Science degree in Mathematics & Computer Science. He has been a resident of Richmond, VA since 1995 with his wife Veda, and children Jayanth and Vibha. They are passionate tennis fans. They also love to travel, both abroad and throughout the US.

With over 20 years of experience in analytics working for a Fortune 200 company as well as top consulting firms, Shekhar brings both technical and strategic expertise to Spinnaker Consulting Group. Shekhar leverages data and technology to develop creative and impactful business solutions for clients.