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Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance, Change Management, Human Capital

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Get to Know Chris Lucas – Devil in the Details

Feb 16, 2021

Written by: Chris Lucas

In the financial services industry particularly in the risk space continuing education and certification are essential for staying abreast of changes and demonstrating expertise. Chris Lucas, a director in our Risk Management and Compliance practice, places equal weight on cultivating expertise in his personal pursuits. More specifically, he’s got the paperwork to prove he’s a certified BBQ judge, able to discern nuances in flavor profiles and how different woods add unique smoke layers to food. The fact that he earned his first paycheck by herding pigs at a livestock auction makes his ascent to BBQ critic a logical progression. 

Chris’ hobbyist gig reinforces his proven attention to detail and ability to pick up smoke signals from the bigger picture. To date, he’s built a quarter-century of front-line experience with regional banks in the southeast. From his early days as an auditor and risk analyst, he moved on to leadership roles overseeing areas such as consumer and digital compliance. Combining his undergraduate finance degree with a law degree (which he earned at night while working full time), Chris offers a priceless balance of business and legal experience, as well as insight that dependably delivers within the technical demands of the banking industry. 

By deftly applying proven analytical and problem-solving skills, Chris establishes risk and compliance programs with robust operations and strong performance against regulatory scrutiny – including a consumer compliance structure that was highly praised by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in its first program review. 

Chris was attracted to Spinnaker’s exponential growth and team philosophy, and now he’s helping our clients take their risk management efforts to the next level with better protection for both their customers and their organizations. 

10 Things to Know About Chris 

Three adjectives that describe you: competitive, organized, humble 

What gets you out of bed? Helping others be their best and seeing their goals come to fruition. 

Motivating music? “Eye of the Tiger,” which was my high school fight song and has always been a get pumped up song for me. 

What does a successful day look like? A day with tangible accomplishments where I can truly say that I’ve played a role in making someone else better. 

Podcast you’re listening to: The Joe Rogan Experience

What would you take to a desert island? Plenty of fresh water. 

My superhero power is: The ability to read people. 

Reading right now: The Snowball System: How to Win More Business and Turn Clients into Raving Fans

Must-read blog: I’m a nerd, so I’m a fan of the various banking and compliance blogs. 

What’s on your bucket list? A Colorado elk hunt, as a I’m huge fishing and hunting enthusiast.