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Meet & Greet Adam Searles: Spinnaker’s Data Solutions Swashbuckler

Jan 16, 2020

Written by: Spinnaker Team

Meet a valued member of our Spinnaker team of experts: Adam Searles. Adam brings an analytical rigor to organizational decision making, and while the numbers are a large piece of that story, he’s known most for his people-focused solutions. He’s the guy you turn to for operational efficiency, process development, reporting and building out a well-rounded analytics team.

A dedicated Virginia Tech fan and alum, Adam built his reputation through several roles at a Fortune 100 financial services company – starting off as an operations analyst and growing to lead several specialized, analytics teams in fraud and ultimately collections. And while he’s extremely proud of the work he did to increase the pay for call-center associates to a living wage, he’s enjoying the variety that comes along with working at Spinnaker, solving wildly different problems from day to day and being part of a team whose nimbleness and creativity enables quick, measurable progress.

Adam’s thoughtful and deliberate nature makes him a quartermaster of sorts on client engagements. His navigational secret is putting himself in the client’s shoes, meeting them where they are both on the project but also in terms of their headspace. And his secret to a happy home life – Pez Dispensers and time spent playing board games, Dungeons and Dragons or video games with his wife and friends.

10 Things about Adam:

  • What gets him out of bed each morning: pet cat Rey, who enjoys a 5:30 a.m. snuggle before feeding time
  • Bedside read: Army of None by Paul Scharre
  • Must-read blog: Chartr – they have amazing data visualizations, some are work-relevant, others are silly but interesting all the same
  • Hidden talent: painting small-scale models
  • Most useful app: Reddit, you can find almost anything there
  • All-time favorite TV Show: “Live PD” (which is also a bit of a guilty pleasure)
  • Favorite band: Halestorm
  • Childhood career dream: Professional basketball player, before I stopped growing in the 8th grade
  • On my pizza: Pepperoni, sausage, bacon – basically any meat
  • Bucket list: A few weeks in Japan