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Meet & Greet Samantha Bourne: Spinnaker’s Risk Wrangler

Jan 2, 2020

Written by: Shawn Sweeney

Meet a valued member of our Spinnaker team of experts: Samantha Bourne. Samantha brings to bear more than 15 years of experience and leadership in risk management, underwriting and total claim payment solutions.

Samantha cut her risk and compliance chops through several roles at a Fortune 100 financial services company – everything from managing the operational process for a team responsible for underwriting, risk monitoring and customer recovery to training associates responsible for new customer onboarding. Her accolades include overseeing the implementation of a risk and underwriting monitoring engine, launching a same-day merchant funding project – both resulting in significant decreases in fraud and credit losses.

While Samantha is known for her adept ability to identify a compliance gap (or two), her people-leader skills are what fuels her and her engagements. Samantha enjoys working with people who not only understand the problem at hand but come ready with the skills to solve it, as a team. For her, it’s about providing clients with the right level of support so they can take a vacation – without interruption – for the first time in years. And while clients appreciate that passion and commitment to finding the right solution, it’s our shared vision and values that make her a great addition to team Spinnaker.

10 Things about Samantha:

  1. First job ever: Target
  2. Happy place: Sitting on a beach, anywhere
  3. Morning sip: Coffee with a splash of cream and sugar
  4. Life lesson: My grandfather always told me to live without regret: learn from your mistakes but keep moving forward.
  5. Business lesson: It’s OK to fail. Successful people learn from their failures. 
  6. I cheer for: Houston Astro’s and all the local teams
  7. Sports hero: JJ Watt
  8. Proudest professional moment: When I was recognized as a leader and not just another boss – I realized I was actually making a difference in employees’ lives. 
  9. I collect: Anything I can turn into a DIY project
  10. Childhood career dream: Oceanographer