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Operational Efficiency

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Get to Know Paul Blodgett – Operations Play Master

Sep 30, 2020

Written by: Paul Blodgett

The fact that Paul Blodgett’s first job revolved around numbers might have been a sign that he was destined to end up as a finance powerhouse. Back then, he was trying to keep his clients from hitting triple digits, as that was a huge success for a caddy at the local golf club (when he wasn’t running his paper route). These days, Blodgett is comfortable with corporate budgets totaling millions of dollars.

Blodgett comes to Spinnaker from after nearly 25 years on Wall Street at one of the world’s largest asset and wealth management firms, where he most recently served as managing director. He also led the firm’s operations and technology in Americas, which meant managing a 200-plus-member diverse team that earned a reputation for delivering constant improvement and high efficiency – even as they were positioned in time zones around the globe. You need help in the front, middle or back office? He’s your man, and he’s got the deep chops across the value chain to get the job done correctly before you blink.

After topping his undergraduate finance and accounting degrees with an MBA, Blodgett refined his skills first on the numbers side of the business, then increasingly took on leadership of other critical operations and support functions. As our Spinnaker COO, he’s the front line in ensuring our smooth daily work both with clients and colleagues, while also overseeing our finance, human resources, legal and technology teams.

What attracted him to Spinnaker is that we’re all working together and steering our boat in the same direction. Not only does he have an uncanny level of organization and dedication to the company, he never undervalues the importance of a good sense of humor and enjoying our work.

10 Things about Paul

Biggest personal achievement? Finishing a cycling “century,” which is 100 miles, all in one day!

What gets you up in the morning: Getting to my “to do” list and crossing things off. I love accomplishments.

First job: I was a paper boy, as well as a caddy at the local golf course.

Where do you go to be your most productive: My home office, with the door shut.

Reading right now: Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

All-time favorite band: The Eagles

The work tool you can’t live without: Slack and Microsoft Teams. Or basically any instant-messaging app.

Most productive time of the day: After breakfast, before the phones start ringing and the emails start piling up.

I cheer for: The Ohio State Buckeyes

Secret to success: Hard work, being organized and having fun doing it.