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Customer Channels & Operations Management

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Get to Know Rick Jaros – Data Transformation Change Agent

Jun 17, 2020

Written by: Spinnaker Team

Rick Jaros is Spinnaker’s own Jack Ryan. But who knew that an early career chasing Russian submarines under the ice was the perfect training for guiding some of the world’s largest financial institutions in their digital transformations? As it turns out, the common denominators are stealth and strategy.

On the stealth front, today’s increasingly tech-savvy consumers don’t want their bank to get in the way or make everyday transactions complicated. That’s where the strategy comes in: knowing how to leverage data and analytics to stay one step ahead, by developing and offering customers innovative products and services they never knew they wanted. Rick began developing that skillset with an engineering degree and Naval career, where he mastered tactical skills and precise execution. He went on to earn his MBA at UT Austin, applying those talents to his vision for changing the financial world.

As head of our Critical Initiative Delivery team, Rick brings nearly two decades of broad-based experience in consumer financial services at Fortune Global 500 and Fortune 500 companies. With every new role, he’s continued to disrupt and find new ways to meet customers where and when it’s most convenient for them. And like the model ships he builds in his spare time, he’s not afraid to break things apart to see how they work – and then put them back together in ways that make them work better.

Rick’s curious, tinkering nature is the underpinning for his super-human power of driving measurable results – like the double-digit gains he and his team propelled on the digital banking side of the house.  At Spinnaker, he’ll be guiding our engagement teams and leading client organizations through data transformations that leverage customer information and emerging technologies to drive optimal digital customer experiences. Coupled with a commitment to strong leadership and clear communication, Rick comes prepared to enrich our client teams and help clients get to where they’re going, faster.

But at the end of his workday, Rick doesn’t rush to shut down his laptop and step away from his office. He takes a thoughtful moment to look up, take stock of the day’s work, and reflect on what he accomplished. By the next morning, after a strong cup of coffee, he hits the ground running. After all, that’s his most productive time of the day, and you never want to hold back a visionary.

10 Things about Rick

Three adjectives to describe Rick: Thoughtful, expressive and direct

What is your most under-utilized skill: Crisis management. I am really good at maintaining perspective when things go wrong.

Work tool you can’t live without: Sheets of white paper – I do a lot of sketching out my thoughts

What’s the one item you’d take with you to a deserted island? Knife. I saw “Cast Away.”

Podcast ringing in your ears: TED Talks. I try to listen to one every day.

Rick's happy place: The dining room table with my family.

Bookshelf best: “The Three Musketeers,” the best book ever.

All-time favorite television show: Kung Fu: The Legend Continues” not for the show, but for the personal context. It was the one show a week that my wife and I would watch while I was going through grad school.

Brand crush: Walmart. They have materially lowered the cost of living for tens of millions of people.

Rick collects: Memories.