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Meet & Greet Brett Ludden: Spinnaker’s Master Problem Solver

Aug 24, 2018

Written by: Shawn Sweeney

Meet the newest addition to our Spinnaker team of experts: Principal Brett Ludden, Spinnaker’s Master Problem Solver. Brett comes aboard with an “all-in” attitude and 21 years of experience solving complex business problems for one of the largest banks in the U.S. as well as a start-up financial services company he helped launch.

Brett joins Spinnaker with a passion for problem-solving using analytics, and is excited for the opportunity to roll up his sleeves as part of the Spinnaker team to help a wide range of companies — and types of companies — leverage analytics to fuel better business decisions. Analytics provides Brett with the thrill of finding the truth in every solution, following a pragmatic path to reveal fact-based ways not only to solve a problem but also to prove that problem is solved. That thrill and the challenge of tackling new problems is what swings his feet out of bed in the morning — well, that and his two terriers, Mouse and Walter, eager for their morning walk.

Brett is a key member of the Spinnaker leadership team. As a leader, he values honest feedback that flows both ways, fostering autonomy that empowers individual team members to make meaningful contributions, and creating a culture that supports the freedom to fail. Considering the last point, it’s no wonder one of his most important business lessons is: Mistakes are valuable learning opportunities and should not be penalized. Most of all, Brett believes successful leaders create environments that are fun, make people happy, and allow them to grow. That makes him a perfect fit for the Spinnaker team.

10 Things About Brett:

  • Secret to success: Do both what you love and what you are good at
  • Special skill: finding a use for a spreadsheet in any situation
  • Proud professional moment: running a company I helped start
  • Proud personal moment: quitting my job to travel the world (where I met my future wife!)
  • Childhood career dream: pro soccer player
  • First job ever: distribution manager for local Richmond soccer magazine “Shots on Goal” (I licked a lot of stamps!)
  • Must-listen podcast: Chillsky
  • Guilty pleasure app: Bleacher Report
  • Bookshelf best: “A Tale of Two Cities” (the only book I’ve read more than once)
  • Morning sip: Nespresso Cappuccino