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Meet & Greet Kendal Sence: Spinnaker’s Risk & Compliance Rock Star

Dec 19, 2018

Written by: Shawn Sweeney

Meet a valued member of our Spinnaker team of experts: Consultant Kendal Sence. Spinnaker’s Risk and Compliance Rock Star, Kendal came to Spinnaker eager to join a growing company and leverage her more than 20 years of experience to immediately make an impact with clients. She enjoys working in risk and compliance because she gets to utilize her background in a variety of different ways while also continuing to learn.

A native of Dallas, Kendal has lived in several cities on the East Coast. She claims one city, Providence, Rhode Island, ruined Italian food for her forever, because it was so extraordinary none other can compare. Kendal spends weekends cheering for her Aggies at Texas A&M University, where she earned her B.S. in Economics. She is a morning person who starts each day with her two beloved rescue dogs—Rocco, a Pekingese and Gracie, a Chihuahua mix, who jump on her as soon as she moves—and coffee with cream and two shots of espresso. As a lifelong learner, Kendal thrives on learning every day. Her best business lesson is: “If you cannot fail, you cannot learn.” —which comes from entrepreneur Eric Ries in his book The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses.

Kendal has an extensive track record of implementing all components of scalable and sustainable compliance management programs. Her proven expertise in devising creative solutions which mitigate risk and maintain compliance in the ever-shifting regulatory landscape, plus her strong leadership and project management skills, make her a headliner on Spinnaker’s team of risk and compliance experts focused on driving real results.


10 Things About Kendal:

First job: video store
Childhood career dream: Broadway dancer
Finds best ideas: on the elliptical, or in bed at 3 a.m.
Must-see TV: Homeland
Sports hero: Arnold Palmer
Broadway best: Cabaret
Bucket list to-do: visit Russia
On my pizza: pepperoni and jalapeños
Special skill: organization—I’m OCD about it!
Secret to success: be authentic