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In a Data Relationship

Help Your Organization Wholeheartedly Embrace Its Role in Data Management

Data management isn’t a task that can be relegated to a single person or department. It’s a whole-organization activity in which everyone from your frontline tellers to your C-suite plays a role in ensuring its integrity.

But do your people and your people’s people see it that way?

If your team members are struggling to visualize their role in the data game, then we hope you’ll join Spinnaker Consulting for our latest webinar, “In a Data Relationship: Help Your Organization Wholeheartedly Embrace Its Role in Data Management.”  We’ll convene at 1 PM EST on March 9, 2022, for a panel discussion moderated by Shelly Loftin, American Bankers Association’s SVP of Retail Banking, Payments and Lending, and:

  • Donna Highfill, change management warrior and author of Real People, Real Change
  • Stephanie Lennon, Data & Analytics Practice Lead at Spinnaker Consulting Group
  • Cara Williams, Risk & Compliance Practice Lead at Spinnaker Consulting Group

Our panel will introduce you to a change management framework that can help your team get excited about and personally engaged in your data management journey. We’ll provide practical guidance to help attendees gain internal buy-in for the critical mindset shift that will help strengthen your data transformation as organizations (and regulators) place greater focus on the accuracy of operational, financial and customer data.

Join us today and build greater trust in your data tomorrow.

  • Wednesday, March 9, 2022
  • 1 PM EST

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