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Gene Fisher

Gene Fisher


With a proven track record spanning over 18 years in the field of Mortgage Operations Management, Credit Risk & Compliance and Quality Assurance. Gene Fisher is a dedicated professional known for his leadership skills, stakeholder management and his ability to strategically solve problems. This is evident in the recognition Gene has received over the years for his talents, such as “Employee of the Year” and “Manager of the Quarter.” His talents can be seen in his various experiences as a manager and his extensive role as a community volunteer. Specializing in ensuring regulatory adherence and maintaining high-quality standards, Gene possesses a comprehensive understanding of test control systems, risk management, federal regulations, mortgage lending and quality assurance.

In previous years Gene played pivotal roles in projects such as the training and development of his peers (i.e. the creation of training manuals and action plans), developing compliance frameworks as well as data extrapolation and analysis to ensure process and system efficacy. Gene has always had a meticulous approach to compliance monitoring and quality assurance processes. He excels in conducting thorough audits, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing robust corrective actions to mitigate risk and operational excellence. 

His expertise extends to the Finance industry with sectors such as compliance, mortgage, internal controls, and auditing. He has successfully navigated complex regulatory landscapes, provided strategic guidance to senior leadership teams, and streamlined compliance procedures. Gene drives continuous improvement initiatives and fosters a culture of compliance and quality within organizations.

Over Gene’s tenure in financial services, he has dedicated time to his professional and personal growth, amassing great knowledge and experience through years of hands-on training and learning. Gene has learned what it takes to be a team player, partner, and leader in the Finance industry. With his drive for results, excellence, and growth he is eager to contribute to the  continued success of Spinnaker Consulting Group and its clients.