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Spinnaker experts at the office.

Our Secret Ingredient

The results are a reflection of our team and their business intelligence consulting depth.  Learn what makes us Spinnaker.

Leadership Team

Our practice leads and organizational visionaries


Shawn Sweeney

Founder & CEO

Rick Jaros' bio photo.

Rick Jaros

Principal, Customer Channels & Operations Management


Cara Williams

Principal, Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance

Paul's bio photo

Paul Blodgett

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Hamilton's bio photo

Scott Hamilton

Sr. Director, Customer Channels & Operations Management


Stephanie Lennon

Sr. Director, Business Analytics


Elizabeth Snyder

Sr. Director, Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance


Our engagement leaders and expert doers


Industry thought leaders and pinch hitters

Operations Team

Our organizational backbone

Tristan's bio photo.

Tristan Andrews

Operations Assistant

Charles Chareunsy Listing Headshot

Charles Chareunsy

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Megan's bio photo.

Megan Murray

Project Manager

Brooke Pray's bio photo.

Brooke Pray



Meschelle Williams

Front Office Receptionist

Paige Wolk's bio photo.

Paige Wolk

Director of Operations