We get desired results, faster.

We’ve been in your shoes: facing a nuanced challenge and a looming deadline. We are analysts, strategists and executives who have worked with other consulting firms in our former roles and wanted more. We take the time to understand your needs and expectations. We maintain three core practice areas, developed out of the needs of Fortune 500 organizations. And when a project calls for action, we roll up our sleeves and apply our expertise.

Practice Areas


Business Analytics & Data Management

In-Demand Offerings:

  • Business Reporting Optimization
  • Credit Risk Analytics
  • Data Analytics and Automation
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning Development
  • Operations Analytics

The answer is in the data – the trick is in knowing how to find it. We provide end-to-end solutions: from helping an organization stand up a reporting practice; change management and data-transformation support; and the iterative process of evolving core metrics to meet current business demands and inform decision making. Our team is a mix of operations analysts and executives with expertise in contact centers, collections analytics and enterprise technology transformation.  We also have a risk analytics team that can support credit governance, operational risk management and second-line loss forecasting and modeling.

Learn how we helped a Fortune 200 financial services company eliminate duplicative reports and create alignment around key reporting metrics.

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Flying Phase

And for organizations with an established data presence, our sister company Flying Phase harnesses innovation, advanced analytics tools and business acumen to help organizations solve their complex challenges. They do that by leveraging big data, machine learning and extreme automation to help businesses see beyond the horizon.

Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management 

In-Demand Offerings:

  • Compliance Advisory
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act and Credit Bureau Expertise
  • Issue Management
  • Program Build Out
  • Risk Assessment

Your organization needs to comply with complex federal and state regulations. We understand the challenges you face – and the systems governing them – which is why we design pragmatic systems to establish controls and monitors that help mitigate risk.

We have a deep regulatory bench who understands that environment and can help you identify and close open issues. Whether that’s starting from scratch or working alongside an existing team, we’re able to ramp up within weeks and meet compliance deadlines.  

Learn how we helped a background check and screening company create a compliance plan for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). 

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Critical Initiative Delivery

In-Demand Offerings:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Program Build Out
  • Project-Based Capability Delivery
  • Systems Delivery

We’re process people with the experience to help you implement mission-critical initiatives.  Be that a short-term (high-value) program (like transitioning to an Agile workflow management system) or longer-term product or organizational system change (like building out an Anti-Money Laundering unit), we have the experience and bandwidth to get you up and running.

Sometimes that means going into an organization, architecting a new way, training internal team members and identifying supplemental long-terms talent solutions to meet your need.  Other times, we provide niche experts who can solve for a short-term, immediate need that could be hard to hire for.

Either way, we help you get to where you need to go.

Learn how we helped a Fortune 100 financial design and implement a transformative, enterprise-level initiative.

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Working with your team has been so refreshing. You make things easier. Risk Analyst, Top 25 Bank

The other guys don’t have the same sense of ownership. They are contractors. Spinnaker folks are teammates. Top 25 Bank, Bankruptcy Director

Spinnaker is a dream team and it shows. You’re smart, reliable, dependable and critical thinkers. Agility Leader, Top 25 Bank

Not only does Spinnaker know the regulatory requirements, but they also understand people and helped us identify where and when our employees themselves may not have a full understanding of compliance. General Counsel, Fortune 200 Bank