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Lachelle Fryett

Lachelle Fryett


As a Spinnaker Advisor, Lachelle brings 11 years of finance experience, particularly in blockchain, the tax industry, and financial services data and technology. The foundation of her career is built on product and program leadership developing digital media and content, delivering products and services, and leading large technical infrastructure initiatives. For over 24 years, Lachelle has worked closely with C-Level leadership and Senior Managers to implement best-in-class data management and technology standards, develop robust product and content development processes, identify industry trends and emerging technologies, and to prioritize and integrate these strategic capabilities into product roadmaps.

Lachelle’s core strengths include strategic vision, optimizing business processes and operations, organization design, and particularly stakeholder engagement and strategic communication. She successfully led teams through new legislation, digital transformation including data migration and transition to cloud services, UX excellence including 508 compliance, and banking crime prevention (KYC, AML). Lachelle is equally impactful and comfortable as an individual contributor or as a team lead in both public and private sectors. During what she considers one of her most challenging and rewarding periods in her career, Lachelle was part of a team created to lead digital transformation in government where she earned a Capstone Award: Transforming Citizen Experience, IRS Commissioner Award: March 2014, February 2015, and a Certificate of Recognition for the 2014 Filing Season. 

Lachelle grew up in Iowa and cherishes her many sisters and brothers and extended family – many of whom still farm and work there. She served in the US Marine Corps during Desert Shield/Storm and was honorably discharged. Lachelle graduated with a degree in Journalism and Communications from Creighton University and earned an MBA from Georgetown University. She lives with her husband in New York City and volunteers with the Central Park Conservancy. Lachelle mentors aspiring leaders, seasoned managers and executives in strategic communications, especially on how to communicate complex information (data, technology and architecture, regulations, operation and organization structure) effectively across different mediums and channels to specific audiences. When not exploring the five boroughs of NY with her husband, Lachelle enjoys hydroponic gardening, hiking, and singing in choirs. She has performed at the Kennedy Center for a sitting US President, Lincoln Center, and at Carnegie Hall on multiple occasions.