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Closing Marketing Operations Gaps Drives Effective Digital Transformation

Mar 3, 2021

Written by: Spinnaker Team

The Big Picture

Digital transformations are designed to make things easier for customers and banks. In the process, however, companies often face unexpected hurdles. Using these moments to address emerging challenges is important, but there’s also much to gain from taking a step back – and, when necessary, leveraging an outsider’s eye and experience – to see if other meaningful opportunities have been overlooked.

The Spinnaker Approach

In the middle of a data transformation effort, a Top 30 bank uncovered several issues – many of which it could address on its own – with its credit card marketing system, but it wanted a fresh perspective from an external partner to identify any areas for improvement it might have missed. Bringing in our marketing operations experience, Spinnaker analyzed every procedure, technology and team involved in the process, looking to improve operational efficiency and reduce regulatory risk.

After presenting our report and prioritized recommendations, we were asked to optimize the end-to-end process for all creative and disclosures. As part of the project, we documented rate and fee packages while also identifying misalignment across related web and collateral pages.

The Client Benefits

Our strategy delivered detailed and redesigned maps of the creative and disclosure process, which streamlined resource assignments and handoffs. By taking advantage of our financial services-specific solution, the bank is now positioned to transition an effective, compliant marketing operations system to the future-state process.

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