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From submarines to C-suites: Applying military lessons to business today

Nov 11, 2021

Written by: Shawn Sweeney

Echoing the steps of my father and grandfather, who both served in the military, I set my sights on service to country early on in my life, garnering a coveted spot at the U.S. Naval Academy with plans to earn my aviator’s wings. And while I earned my degree in aeronautical engineering, a submarine deployment during my academic training diverted my attention from the skies to deep waters. 

Three decades later, after transitioning first into a banking career and then to founding a growth-oriented management consultancy, I’m helping banking leaders navigate the hurdles that obscure their path to success. And I’m not surprised to tell you that many of the learnings and insights that I share with clients can be traced directly back to the leadership training I received during my Naval service.  

I recently had the opportunity to highlight three key military lessons that translate directly from my submarine tours to a spot in the C-suite. As we prepare to honor Veterans Day, I encourage you to read my recent Forbes column: Submarine Lessons for Financial Services Leaders.