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modernize your risk reporting

The risk landscape changes non-stop.

  • Your bank’s information is decentralized
  • You manage a wide range of source systems, repositories, and user groups
  • Your team is managing RDARR with spreadsheets
  • Regulators are cracking down on manual solutions
  • You struggle to hire while defending your headcount

Meanwhile, your data solutions are cumbersome, unreliable, or expensive.  Data is part of the problem – but it can also be part of the solution! 

Spinnaker has risk and data specialists with more than 15 years of experience.  Let us help you harness your data to elevate your organization’s risk reporting and BCBS239 compliance.

If you would a copy of the case study on how we helped a top 30 bank, please enter your contact information on the right. 

What We Do:

  • Contribute with expertise
  • Deliver measurable results
  • Create sustained value



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