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Learn Why Creating a Risk-Aware Culture Could Become Your Banks’ Competitive Advantage

Put on full display during the COVID-19 pandemic, banks must have clear change management governance in order to artfully maneuver (and minimize customer disruption) through the unexpected – either from internal or external drivers. 

In Spinnaker Consulting Group’s latest whitepaper, Turning a Solid Risk Framework Into a Competitive Advantage, we discuss how a risk-aware culture can drive efficient change management and teach readers how to bring that ethic to life.

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Turning A Solid Risk Management Framework into a Competitive Advantage Whitepaper

Download: Turning a Solid Risk Framework into a Competitive Advantage

What You'll Learn

  • Creating governance documents that serve as your change playbook.
  • Establishing a clear operating model that defines who does what in the event of change.
  • The importance of consistent definitions, taxonomies, and risk appetite across the enterprise.