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Reimagining Your Organization’s Relationship with Data

The digitalization of data over the past fifty years has revolutionized the way in which financial services organizations make decisions. 

But if you’re not intentional about how you manage data – and helping everyone in the organization understand their role in data management – then you may be working off of bad information and turning what could be gold into a liability. 

Spinnaker’s practice leads Stephanie Lennon (Data & Analytics) and Cara Williams (Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance) partnered together to help banking chief data officers (CDOs) and chief risk officers (CROs) drive the cultural shift necessary to help data transformation efforts succeed.

In their latest white paper, Managing Change: Your Data Depends on It, the duo customizes a proven roadmap for driving excitement and the commitment necessary to implement any well-managed data ecosystem.  In the piece, readers will:

  • Understand data’s full reach (and why data is no longer relegated solely to IT)
  • Learn how to leverage tried and true change management tactics to engage the entire organization in active data management
  • Acquire the necessary language to carry this message throughout your financial institution.

Download your copy today!


Download: Managing Change: Your Data Depends on It