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Retail Banking Operations Manual

Desired Capabilities

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Operational Risk
  • Governance and Policy
  • Procedure Inventory and Gap Analysis
  • Centralized and Comprehensive Reference Resource
  • Defined Roles and Responsbilities
  • Training and Implementation Plan

The Situation

A successful and insightful process mapping engagement highlighted the need for a Retail Operations Manual - a centralized and comprehensive reference resource for retail and back-office personnel. With multiple methods of communication for procedures and two document repository systems, our bank client reached out for continued support. The manual would serve a critical role in a larger initiative to enhance the customer experience and increase efficiencies.

The Challenge

Deliver a comprehensive and interactive retail operations manual appropriate for a growing institution. Identify and consolidate all written procedures applicable to the first line, provided to associates through various communication methods and residing on multiple document repository systems, to create a single reference resource and source of truth. In addition, identify any existing gaps and develop a plan to address drafting of procedures appropriate to those areas. Achieve efficiencies and provide a positive impact to the customer experience.

Meaningful Outcomes

  • Created a highly customized Retail Operations Manual that can be utilized across the institution as a comprehensive resource to enhance the associate and customer experience.
  • Team collaboration throughout the institution. This was a passionate company, and it was great to see teams come together and collaborate in a way that enhanced the outcome beyond initial intent.
  • Identified outdated documents and processes, helping to eliminate inconsistencies and potential process errors.
  • Identified gaps in processes/areas lacking written procedures.
  • Created a comprehensive resource which identifies responsibilities for updates and annual reviews.

"Working with [consultant] was great. She was always prepared, knowledgeable, cognitive of my time and very easy to work with. I appreciate these deliverables and am very pleased with the product that came from the collaboration."

Our Approach

All project phases incorporated review and feedback from key partners from the Retail line of business, Bank Operations Managers, Deposit Operations, the BSA/AML team, Marketing, Compliance, Security, Reporting, and the Training team.

Due to insight gained during a prior project with this client, Spinnaker was able to quickly integrate with the engagement team.

Phase 1: Identification of initial core team and other areas impacted by the project. Compile draft outline utilizing the data obtained in a prior process mapping project with client and gain approval of outline.

Phase 2: Interview core team and identify roles and areas of responsibility for the first line users of the manual.

Phase 3: Identify existing procedures and any gaps where procedures must be written. Draft section summaries, including detailed descriptions of the process, and resources to contact for additional assistance. Create an interactive, searchable document.

Phase 4: Identify teams responsible for training, implementation and periodic updates and reviews to thoroughly document within the manual.

Phase 5: Finalize the draft by obtaining core team approval. Develop a plan, including target dates, for implementation and related associate training.