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Shawn Speaks to Forbes about Optimizing Exit Strategies

Oct 21, 2020

Written by: Shawn Sweeney

Business owners spend their days developing smart strategies, taking calculated risks and working hard to grow successful companies. When they decide to leave or retire, the last thing they want to see in the rear view mirror is their company starting to stumble. That’s why they should plan from launch day for two eventualities: their own personal retirement and the business’ future success 

In my latest discussion with the Forbes Finance Council, I offered timely insight on establishing a credit line when business is good and why businesses need a strong strategy for when an owner retires. 

The best time to prepare for a company’s long-term financial health is when your business is running strong. The more business is booming, the better the terms and conditions you’ll be eligible for when applying for a line of credit. A good rule of thumb is to have three monthsoperating expenses in reserves. If business hits a bump in the road – including the unexpected, like a global pandemic – then that credit line can serve as a cushion, enabling the business to continue funding growth opportunities. 

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