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Shawn Advises on Smart Ways to Invest a Windfall in Forbes Finance Council Discussion

Aug 4, 2021

Written by: Shawn Sweeney

An unexpected pot of money lands in your lap. Do you splurge on something exciting? Or spend the money in ways that will support your long-term goals?

Since I run a growth-oriented business, I’m always focused on creating systems that enable ready access to cash, as I shared in a recent Forbes Finance Council discussion. 

Some of you might be tempted to take an unexpected windfall – whether a personal raise or a boost for your corporate revenue – and find a fun way to enjoy that extra cash. Others might be more cautious and park that found money in the bank. Whatever direction is right at any given time, the key is ensuring that investment bolsters your organization’s overall financial position. 

Personally, my entrepreneurial spirit means I’m constantly looking down the road and preparing my company for the next opportunity. That means that when an unexpected influx appears, my gut reaction is to check to make sure our cash reserves are at a comfortable level, ensuring the business is healthy and holding steady.

Rather than spend on something trendy or short-lived, I tend to lean toward investment opportunities that further deepen our assets. I know that by investing wisely in talent, we widen our capabilities, and the company can generate new revenue instead of taking on liabilities that create new risk or expense.

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