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Shawn Speaks to Forbes on Effective Cash Flow Management

Aug 7, 2020

Written by: Shawn Sweeney

Steady and reliable cash flow is essential to a company’s daily operations. Knowing when to expect revenue gives owners confidence in paying their own expenses, but understanding cash flow cycles is just as important to business growth – and having a buffer in case of a crisis. Good cash flow analysis can confirm that there’s money to keep the lights on, but deeper analysis can uncover ways to best capture cash from every revenue stream.

In my latest discussion with the Forbes Financial Council, I offered timely insight on boosting operational cash flow.

Cash flow is one of the biggest operational challenges, particularly for those in professional services industries. Each month, those organizations send out invoices and wait for payment. The longer the wait, the bigger the impact on having sufficient funds to run the business and get ahead. But you – and your employees – can slash that wait time by creating systems so those invoices reliably hit your clients’ inboxes on the first of the month and the remittance clock can begin.

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