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Fortune 100 Change Management & Capability Delivery

Desired Capabilities

  • Capability Delivery
  • Strategy
  • Process Development

The Situation

We began working with a Fortune 100 financial services company in the early stages of implementing a large program spanning multiple years and all areas of the enterprise. 

The problem? They didn’t have the bandwidth to make a project of this size and scale happen. To succeed, they needed a partner experienced with complex, high-visibility programs to take the lead on executing, managing, and monitoring the process across the business, from setup through rollout. That’s when they asked the experts at Spinnaker's change management consulting firm for help.

The Challenge

Create and execute a cross-functional deployment strategy and change management plan to implement the program.

Meaningful Outcomes

  • Custom interaction model, with role definition and who, what, how, why, and when details
  • Implementation road map
  • Metrics for both progress against the implementation schedule and progress/delivery against the transformation
  • Governance model outlining who makes what decision when
  • As a multi-year effort, the program is still ongoing, but the critical components of the transformation are in place

The Spinnaker team was instrumental in developing the model to help our enterprise see the path forward and ultimately follow it to begin our successful business process transformation. Operations Executive, Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

Our Approach

We began by collaborating with the client to define what a successful implementation would look like enterprise-wide. Once that definition was secured, we established a program structure and full deployment strategy, including resource identification across the enterprise, timelines, tracking metrics, decision-making governance standards, and a comprehensive communication plan for all levels of the organization, plus regular progress reports for senior leadership. 

From the start, our mission was to consult inconspicuously, empowering employees to implement the change. A key element for success was developing and executing a robust change management plan to ensure employee buy-in despite competing priorities in the business and the time and resources the program implementation required. The plan prepped the organization and key stakeholders for the transition and focused on keeping engagement and excitement high.

Throughout the project, our team of consultants were integral to maintaining momentum and keeping all elements moving forward. We stayed connected to ensure progress and overcome obstacles, adapting the deployment and strategy as the project evolved.