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Capitalizing on Agile Data to Measure Effectiveness and Ensure Control Adherence in Software Development

Desired Capabilities

  • Integrated Agile Datamart
  • Ability to Measure Agile Effectiveness
  • Web-based Reporting & Diagnostic Tool
  • Ability to Evidence Adherence to Software Development Controls

The Situation

A top 30 US Bank leverages multiple third-party agile tools (e.g., Jira) in their software development process, each of which offers a dynamic user experience and operational reporting within the application.  These tools are integrated but serve different purposes and produce distinct datasets.  There was no way to get an end-to-end view of software development performance, nor a way to ensure regulatory controls were being adhered to in software development.

The Challenge

Establish standards for how agile practitioners interact with their agile tools, acquire data from the tools, and produce analytics and reporting that provide meaningful insights into how software development is achieved.  The solution must accommodate the uniqueness and customization of each LOB, while also providing a standard way of measuring effectiveness across the entire software development ecosystem. 

Meaningful Outcomes

  • Established, documented, socialized, and measured adherence to agile practitioner standards
  • Enabled end user analytics by creating an integrated datamart
  • Designed measurements for team and program agile effectiveness
  • Built a web-based Tableau reporting product providing leadership and agile teams insights into agile delivery
  • Created Control Compliance dashboards, leveraging agile work items to evidence adherence to software development controls

Spinnaker consultants defined and implemented the processes and established the initial services provided by the Business Agility analytics function. Their leadership helped us establish this critical service. Spinnaker consultants own the outcome; not just the task. My experience with the Spinnaker team leads me to believe they care about our team’s service, product, experiences and outcomes as much as I do. Enterprise Head of Agile Technologies

Our Approach


The Spinnaker team played an integral role in a four-pronged approach to the challenge:

  • Defined Agile Standards for how agile practitioners interact with their agile tools so that usable data is generated from the tools.
  • Engineered a Datamart to centralize and model agile data.
  • Designed and built Reporting, visualizing agile performance, effectiveness, and trends.
  • Conducted Analytics, providing insights to leaders and teams on agile and software development.