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Data Analytics, Product Viability and Lead Generation

Desired Capabilities

  • Data Analytics
  • Reporting

The Situation

A national client specializing in senior living communities wanted to determine the viability of a location for expansion and evaluate future sites based on market demand. They needed a data analytics consulting company with expertise in marketing to inform time-sensitive decision-making at the organization’s highest levels and asked Spinnaker’s team of experts for help.

The Challenge

Integrate multiple sources of data to create a framework of relevant, actionable reporting to support timely decision-making within a 90-day marketing and research campaign. 

Meaningful Outcomes

  • Exceeded goal by generating 3x the conversions in the specified target market
  • Identified high-opportunity customer targets in the specified local market 
  • Generated 900 additional leads for future acquisition activities in the local market
  • Created a marketing campaign and data analytics model for the client to leverage for future sites

There’s no doubt in my mind that the data collected from our partners contributed greatly to our success and the marketing of this new concept. Executive Vice President, Real Estate Investment Company

Our Approach

We began by working with the client to define three project goals: (1) leverage consumer requests for information as an initial indicator for project demand (2) segment requests by region to identify close-rate trends as a means for forecasting future interest and (3) measure interest outside the target area to help prioritize and inform future development. 

Then, we collaborated with three agency sources running several marketing and research campaigns to develop a data collection framework and tracking structure to integrate reporting from multiple digital and non-digital channels. Key metrics included overall leads, channel-specific response rates, location-specific conversion rates, and other project attributes. We created custom reporting within Google analytics, which was integrated with call center tracking and direct mail analytics, to inform reporting against the three project goals.

We set performance targets based on benchmarks by channel and by industry to measure, monitor, and manage success — which empowered optimization of marketing tactics to deliver the most actionable results within the timeline. We also forecasted outcomes to inform the client of the expected final results and to provide early insights for decision-making.

To establish consistent, timely communication throughout the project, we created a fully integrated reporting package that was shared weekly with the client and the three agencies. At the project’s conclusion, we developed a comprehensive recap of all tactics and results to inform the client’s stakeholders and investors and support the investment decision.