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Maintaining Your Digital Transformation Momentum in 2021: How to Get It Right for Customers and Employees

Jan 19, 2021

Written by: Spinnaker Team

As we near the one-year mark of pandemic living, a big takeaway is the consumer lean-in on digital channels that saw them pushing through psychological barriers that felt insurmountable pre-COVID-19. From seeing a doctor to restocking the refrigerator, across generational lines, there’s increasing comfort in the few keystrokes necessary to handle the day’s tasks online. 

But will your bank be able to sustain its digital transformation momentum when comfortable, traditional channels become available again? 

If you continue doing exactly what you’re doing today, the short answer is no. Banks can’t afford to lose the great strides they’ve made so far. That’s why we’re hosting our latest webinar, “Maintaining Your Digital Transformation Momentum in 2021: How to Get It Right for Customers and Employees.” 

During the 45-minute session, hosted by the American Bankers Association’s Shelly Loftin, we’ll talk about the importance of making this an enterprise initiative (and include tips for doing so) and provide tactics for establishing priorities to help bite-size your efforts. We’ll also point out common roadblocks in digital transformation exercises particularly those related to supporting frontline workers to help bank leaders sidestep both strategic and executional barriers standing in their way.    

The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, January 26, 2021, at noon ET. Our panel will feature leading-edge insights from: 

1590064028399Rick Jaros, principal of Critical Initiative Delivery at Spinnaker and a proven veteran in deploying effective business strategies, digital integration and operational improvement at some of the nation’s biggest banks 

1516239546339John Findlay, founder of Launchfire, a leading digital engagement agency established in 1999, and LemonadeLXP, its sister implementation platform 


It’s never been more important for banks to get this right, particularly as they face growing profitability challenges in a low-interest-rate environment, expected increases in regulatory demands, and operational challenges associated with implementing enterprise transformation with a remote workforce – not to mention economic recovery in the wake of the pandemic 

This might not be an easy choice for banks, but the right processes and understanding of key issues will help you pursue the right strategy for your institution 

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“Maintaining Your Digital Transformation Momentum in 2021: How to Get It Right for Customers and Employees” will begin at noon ET on Tuesday, January 26. To register for the free event, click here. 

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