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Leveraging Effective, Mature Risk Models for Post-Pandemic Success

Sep 15, 2020

Written by: Laurent Robert

Market conditions are constantly changing, which means businesses must have the flexibility to adapt to operate successfully. But all the flexibility in the world could not have prepared businesses for the impact of the novel coronavirus. Almost immediately after COVID-19 began spreading across the United States, the economy took a huge hit that included major job losses. 

As financial institutions across the U.S. and the world work to regain their economic footing, it’s important to have an honest check-in with your leadership. Is your organization positioned to protect itself and provide the products your customers need in this moment? 

Spinnaker will be participating in a webinar conducted by our partners at Strategic Risk Associates (SRA) on “The Importance of a Mature and Effective Risk Model in the Pandemic / Post-Pandemic Environment.” During the 60-minute session, our panel will highlight key components of a mature model and how to best leverage them for success today.  

The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, September 17, at 1:00 p.m. ET. Our panel will feature leading-edge insights from these participants:

  • Michael Glotz, Founder/CEO, SRA
  • Justin Klevs, Vice President of Data Science, Flying Phase (Spinnaker’s sister organization)
  • Laurent Robert, Consultant, Spinnaker Consulting Group
  • Niki White, Chief Customer Officer, SRA

The webinar will also kick off our new partnership with SRA, whose approach – “services built  by bankers for bankers” – aligns closely with the Spinnaker way. The focus of our partnership is helping banks enhance the role Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) plays in driving successful business outcomes.  

 As a pioneer in the ERM market, SRA developed Watchtower, the most comprehensive and integrated ERM/IRM platform in the industry. Unlike most general purpose ERM/IRM systems, Watchtower is designed specifically for the banking, financial services and insurance sector. 

Spinnaker will use its implementation expertise to help SRA support onboarding for Watchtower. We also will work to enhance the platform’s functionality and value-added services – including  analytics, program management, and risk management leadership – as well as provide systems development to ensure optimal implementation. Given our team’s ability to leverage proven tactics from prior leadership roles at Fortune 500 financial institutions, it should be a natural fit.  

“The partnership with SRA is a natural extension for our team and an end-to-end solution for financial institutions battling to manage risk in these uncertain times,” says Shawn Sweeney, Spinnaker’s founder and CEO. “We’re excited about the opportunities this opens up for our team and the potential to drive greater value around Watchtower.” 

“The Importance of a Mature and Effective Risk Model in the Pandemic / Post-Pandemic Environment” will begin at 1:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, September 17. To register for the free webinar, click here.