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Service Delivery

Desired Capabilities

  • Operations Management and Analytics
  • Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Human Capital

The Situation

A rising leader in the health information technology sector was facing a challenge. The company, which facilitates the transfer of medical records between healthcare organizations, was growing rapidly, but was held back by its underperforming call centers. Specifically, its clients were experiencing long wait times, and many had to call back entirely. Due to the call center’s inability to service clients appropriately, the company had stopped booking new clients completely. Not knowing how best to proceed, the company put in a call to Spinnaker.

The Challenge

Create a system that enables efficient, rapid growth for the company, while also increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Meaningful Outcomes

  • Increased call center utilization by more than 50%, significantly lowering operating costs
  • Lowered abandon rate from +25% to within target rate in less than two months, thus improving customer satisfaction
  • Reduced new hire training duration from 4 weeks to 7 days, significantly lowering training costs and ramp up time
  • Improved efficiency enabled a return to the high-growth rate mindset

Spinnaker accelerated our ability to better service current clients and quickly built a strong foundation to scale and support the successful onboarding of new, large, and more complex clients. Vice President of Client Operations, healthcare information technology company

Our Approach

We began by identifying key metrics and housing them in dashboards that provided transparency on call center performance, operational excellence and quality reviews for healthcare specialists. With our system in place, the CEO could readily access call center and client-facing metrics to understand how each area was performing. 

With that data understood, we developed a call center forecasting model to predict how many people would be needed in each of the company’s growth points. Based on those findings, we knew when and where to focus talent expansion efforts. And Spinnaker contributed to every step of the talent expansion process — from helping interview and hire new talent to coaching existing talent on interview best practices.  

Our senior operations management consultant provided data support, built out the call center forecasting and capacity plans, and trained internal staff on keeping those two models up and running. In parallel to that, we worked alongside call-center and healthcare operations leadership to interview and hire talent, while coaching existing team members on how to respond to problems that arise in the future. We wrapped up the project by developing a set of longer-term recommendations related to infrastructure improvements, vendor management (along with tips on how to keep them accountable), and real estate expansion to address broader growth challenges.